company profile

Supply, Installation, Scientific & Technical Support of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables to Hospitals, Universities, Research Centers & Industry within Greek territory


Start of 1979, a personal company was established by George Kordopatis, having as basic concept to offer integrated solutions to chemical analysis and biotechnology labs all over Greece.

Very soon, the company expanded and managed to configure a dynamic and reliable profile mainly due to:
  • adoption of strict criteria in choice of represented manufacturers, regarding product quality and efficinecy in scientific and technical support
  • strict choise and continuous training of scientific and technical staff
  • fast response to customers' demands thus giving it's place to G.KORDOPATIS LTD.

G.KORDOPATIS Ltd is certified by EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2000.


  • » General Manager

  • » Sales - Scientificc Support - Application Dpt (5 persons: 1 Chemist, 1 Biochemist, 2 Biologists, 1 Chemical Engineer)

  • » Service Dpt (3 engineers)

  • » Logistics Dpt (3 persons)

  • » Accounting Dpt (3 persons)

  • » Secretariat (2 persons)


Turnover distribution: 60% sales to Hospitals, 20% to Research Centers, 10% to Universities, 10% to Industry .

Bank reference:EUROBANK, 35 Michalakopoulou St., 115 28 Athens / Private Banking.


Our office facilities (1000m²) are modern, comfortable and functional, including a meeting room, an exhibition room and a warehouse


Collaborating companies in every big city (Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patras, Heraklion)